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Crimson Chili Spread (3-Pack)
Crimson Chili Spread (3-Pack)
Inspired by the Crimson peripheral of that perfect flame, this chutney brings you warmth you yearn for while teasing you with just enough burn to have you coming back for more. This PG rated story of the Hot and Spicy "Crimson Chili Spread" is not your average child's play and yes is universal in its applications. It is mysterious, intriguing, compelling, and provocative.

With only 4 calories per serving, let your taste buds run wild. Use it as a condiment, a marinade or a sandwich spread. Add heat and flavor to any ethnic cooking, or s imply add it to all your favorite foods. No matter what your passion; once you experience it, you will want to immerse your palate in this flame.

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