Healthy Bollywood Gourmet Burger (TM)

Posted by chutneyguru on July 30, 2011

Take one pound of ground beef (85% fat free) or Perdue Ground Turkey or Perdue Ground chicken breast. Add to that, two cloves of grated Garlic, one ounce of peeled & grated ginger root, one ounce of chopped red onion and ¾ tea spoon of Diamond Crystal Salt. Mix all ingredients evenly but loosely and divide the mixture into four parts in the shape of Hamburger Patties. Refrigerate the patties for at least one half hour and then grill them on a BBQ grill for approximately 10-12 minutes at 425-450 degrees Fahrenheit, turning at least three times for even cooking on both sides. You may also broil these in the Kitchen Oven. Serve the cooked patties on a lightly toasted sesame roll with 1 tea spoon of JOHAR’s Original Bollywood “Hot Cilantro” Chutney (TM) on each inner side of the roll and Iceberg Lettuce leafs. No need for mayo and the calories & cholesterol that comes with it. Additionally you may serve the Hamburgers with a Heart Healthy Dipping Sauce made using 4 Oz of Low Fat Plain Yoghurt (Dahi), mixed with two tea spoons of JOHAR’s Original Bollywood Chutneys (TM) “Hot Cilantro”, instead of using Ketchup and enhance the flavor.

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